Blue sky and inspiration
18 Feb

Blue sky and inspiration

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Aswell as the obvious quality time with my family, travelling and experiencing different cultures always gives me inspiration for new designs and a fresh outlook on things.  Spending a few weeks in Sri Lanka, I have completely fallen in love with the country, its colour, nature and its people.  The colour of the sea with the sun shining down was so special, my business is not called skyblue designs for nothing!   So in keeping with the theme, I've come home with a gorgeous selection of the most vivid blue Topaz, to set into simple contemporary settings, I'm thinking the square (4 Carat) stones would make great pendants and the smaller round stones will be set into rings, or small pendants - all handmade to order.  Can't wait!  As is the perk of my job - i'm definitely keeping one for myself!


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