Personalisation - why we love it
22 Jan

Personalisation - why we love it

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“Like every star in the Universe, like every tip of your finger, like every pattern of a snowflake, you are Unique.  Cherish that gift.”
? Kiran Shaikh

In terms of fashion – both clothing and accessories, the high street contains exactly what the designers have decided we have to wear this season if we want to feel like we’re fitting in, right down to the ‘colour of the season’,  regardless of whether that really suits us or reflects our personality.   But – there is one way we can express our individuality and jewellery is key to this, it can instantly personalise your look.  The jewellery you’re known for wearing, the stack of bracelets that your friends adore on you, because each one tells a story.  The locket from your grandma, paired with a simple pendant embossed with your wedding anniversary date… all these add up to create the story of you and the places you’ve been and the people who are important to you.

None of this is new of course, the Victorians In particular knew a thing or two about the romantic and sentimental nature of jewellery.  I love carrying on this tradition with the pieces I make and I practise what I preach and wear the same 5 bracelets every day.  Each unique, some hand stamped with my children’s initials and one with ridiculous song lyrics that simply make me smile!


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